Our Services

We specialise in a wide range of Tree Removal and Earthworks services, including:

Logging WoodlotsSpecialist Service: Farming Small or Large Woodlots

(All Tree Species)
We confidently harvest small or large woodlots and have a strong reputation in the logging industry. We manage all tree species including Pine (25 years+), Popular, Eucalyptus etc.

Specialist Service: Large Difficult Tree RemovalLarge Difficult Tree Removal

We remove any large, difficult trees safely and securely. Our employees are all trained as certified experts in tree felling and chainsaw work, as well as applying our 35 years experience in tree removal.

Specialist Service: Orchard Structure Removal

Complete Orchard & Shelter Removal

We have specialist tools to remove all orchard structures like Kiwifruit, and easily control the removal of shelter belt trees.

Sub-Division Clearing

Chipping, Mulching & Stump Grinding

Specialist Service: Mulching, Chipping & High Tree Topping

High Topping (to 12m)

Other General Services We Offer:
House Sites
Farm Roads
Drainage & General Excavations